The Benefits of Community Engagement Platforms in Local Government

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For several years, local government officials have relied purely on things like town hall meetings and traditional mail or radio time to interact with the public. While these forms of engagement are obviously effective, creating a community engagement platform online is far more effective for a community in the modern-day. Often hosted by third-party companies, community engagement platforms and online public participation forums operate outside of traditional social media. These platforms can be set up in numerous ways, but most have areas for posts from city officials, forum interaction, news, and more.

18 December 2020

Three Things That Affect The Cost Of Tower Painting

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The economic downturn has many businesses pulling the purse strings a little tighter these days. Unfortunately, when it's time to get your tower painted for safety and compliance reasons, waiting until things get better may not be an option. Here are three things that can affect the cost of tower painting to help you plan your project. Tower Type The physical aspects of your tower will have the biggest impact on the cost to paint it because it affects how much material is required, the type of equipment needed to scale it, and the size of the crew that'll do the work.

23 November 2020