The Benefits of Community Engagement Platforms in Local Government

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For several years, local government officials have relied purely on things like town hall meetings and traditional mail or radio time to interact with the public. While these forms of engagement are obviously effective, creating a community engagement platform online is far more effective for a community in the modern-day.

Often hosted by third-party companies, community engagement platforms and online public participation forums operate outside of traditional social media. These platforms can be set up in numerous ways, but most have areas for posts from city officials, forum interaction, news, and more. Here is a look at some of the benefits of creating a community participation platform for your citizens. 

1. Community citizens can voice their concerns outside of usual arenas. 

The usual arenas do not always get the traction they need. Not everyone enjoys attending public functions, some cannot due to obligations, and things like a local health pandemic can prevent in-person interactions. An online platform gives all citizens access to an area where they either may feel more comfortable about sharing their thoughts or can more conveniently do so. For example, if a citizen has a concern about criminal activity within a certain part of the city, they may feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts online instead of in person. 

2. Local officials have a place to offer pertinent local information to the public. 

When things are taking place within the community, it often becomes the local government's responsibility to keep everyone informed. An online community engagement platform yields a place to post information for the community where everyone can have access. For example, the platform could be used by the local official to disclose information about the following:

  • upcoming events, such as festivals or parades 
  • areas where road or utility work is being performed 
  • local help available for those citizens who may be in need 
  • upcoming votes that will affect the community 

3. Community engagement platforms build connections within the community. 

Citizens who build connections within the community to other citizens are more likely to stay. But beyond that, offering a platform where citizens can build connections helps to nourish a more satisfied group of people who can work together for the greater good of the community. For example, if several people meet and interact on the community platform, they may be more likely to join efforts when something takes place and the citizens need some level of support.  


18 December 2020

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