Three Things That Affect The Cost Of Tower Painting

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The economic downturn has many businesses pulling the purse strings a little tighter these days. Unfortunately, when it's time to get your tower painted for safety and compliance reasons, waiting until things get better may not be an option. Here are three things that can affect the cost of tower painting to help you plan your project.

Tower Type

The physical aspects of your tower will have the biggest impact on the cost to paint it because it affects how much material is required, the type of equipment needed to scale it, and the size of the crew that'll do the work. This is why many times tower painters hesitate to give quotes over the phone because they need to inspect and measure the structure to first determine what's needed before they can give an accurate price.

In the time of COVID-19, however, both you and the contractor may be reluctant to meet in-person, especially if you're just shopping around. Thus, when contacting companies for pricing information, send over as many technical details as possible, such as the tower's height and what it's used for.

You should also take pictures of the unit. In fact, you should hire a professional climber to scale the tower and photograph important details that may affect the price, such as special accessories or elemental damage. The more information you can provide the tower painting company, the more accurate your quote will be.

Type of Paint Used

The type and quality of paint used on the tower will also affect how much the job will cost. Generally, the higher the quality and more feature-rich the paint is, the more you'll be charged per gallon. Additionally, you'll also have to pay for any primers and sealers.

Depending on the type of tower you have, though, you may be restricted on the kind of paint you can use. For instance, the FAA requires antenna towers to be painted a special type of orange and white that ensures it can be seen by aircraft flying overhead. Additionally, you must use a 100% acrylic exterior latex paint appropriate for galvanized steel.

Local, state, or federal government agencies may have similar requirements for the type of tower you need to have painted. Thus, you should contact the appropriate authorities to find out if there are any rules and regulations you must adhere to and then forward that information to the painting company.

Tower Location

A third thing that can have a big impact on the cost of painting your tower is its location. Many towers are built in remote places for security and to minimize the impact on the local community. Some painting companies may charge a travel fee, especially if they have to go a long way to get to the tower.

However, almost all will also charge extra if it's extraordinarily difficult to get to the tower. For instance, if the roads are too narrow to accommodate work trucks, the company may charge more if the crew has to walk several miles to get to the tower or equipment has to be flown to the site.

Unfortunately, there's probably not a lot you can do about your tower's location. However, you should still do what you can to make it easier for the painting company to access the site. For instance, if the way is blocked by trees and foliage, you might want to have a landscaping company go through and clear a path.

There are many other factors that can contribute to the cost of painting your tower. It's best to contact a local company for information about pricing and to get a quote.


23 November 2020

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