Buying Your Business's Commercial Freezer

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For restaurants and other businesses that have to store raw ingredients and other foods, a high-quality commercial freezer can be a vital tool. Whether you are currently buying your business's first commercial freezer or looking to replace an existing unit, there are some strategies that may assist you with navigating the buying process.

Consider Used Or Scratched And Dented Options For Your Commercial Freezer

A commercial freezer can be a relatively costly appliance to purchase for your company. For cost-conscious businesses, there are options that can allow them to get a high-quality freezer while also reducing the costs as much as possible. In particular, used or scratch-and-dent options can be two of the options that tend the be the most common options for these enterprises to take. When looking at these options, you should always purchase from established retailers as they will have quality control measures in place to make sure that these freezers will be in good condition when businesses buy them.

Make Sure That There Is Sufficient Room For The Freezer To Vent Hot Air

It is a common mistake for a business to simply choose a freezer that will be able to barely fit into the space that they have available for it. However, this may not account for the need for the freezer to be able to expel the hot air that is being produced as it cools the air inside it. This may have an immediate impact on the ability of the system to cool, but it can also have long-term effects on the durability and the overall condition of the freezer. When you are buying a commercial freezer, being aware of the location of its heat exhaust can allow you to compare it to the shape of the space where it will go to determine whether this exhaust vent will have at least a foot or two of space to allow it to vent out the heat.

Ensure The Thermostat For The Freezer Is In A Safe Location

The thermostat for the freezer will allow you to effectively control the temperature inside the unit. However, if the thermostat is not positioned in an extremely safe location, there is a chance that employees may accidentally change it. Often, this can occur when they are loading or unloading the freezer as they may accidentally hit the thermostat and change the temperature setting. To avoid this, you should ideally choose a unit where the thermostat is on the exterior of the freezer as this can allow you to minimize the chance of it being accidentally changed while also making it easier to monitor the temperature inside the freezer.

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28 October 2022

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