How Homeowners Should Approach Radon Testing

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One of the more problematic radioactive gases that some residential properties have to deal with is radon. Fortunately, radon testing helps homeowners identify it properly so that the right remediation steps can be taken later. Just make sure you execute radon testing in the following ways.

Utilize Short-Term Testing First

You can verify you take the right steps when testing for radon around your property when you first start out with short-term testing. It's designed to pick up traces of radon and then inform you if more extensive testing is needed at a later date.

Short-term testing kits are very affordable and easy to use. They might involve some type of canister system or test pads that you place around various areas of your home, which will collect radon samples if they're present. Then you can send these kits off to a lab for in-depth analysis.

Hire Professionals for More Extensive Testing

If your short-term test kits come back positive for radon, then you need to take advantage of more extensive testing methods. They'll be needed to find out where radon is and the levels that are affecting your property. A professional radon contractor will be required for this extensive testing.

They'll go further in their analysis of radon, using advanced solutions like radon detector guns with built-on monitors. It's these solutions that help them test in a thorough and accurate way, which can help you make the necessary improvements going forward.

Continue to Test for Radon

You can feel a lot safer in your home if you continue to test for radon on a particular timeline. Radon may not show up until later after all, whether it's because structures containing this gas were hit or something happened to your home naturally like foundation shifts.

Either way, continuing to test for radon will keep you cognizant of radon levels. They'll never be able to go unnoticed and cause health issues like cancer. Just make sure you talk to a professional radon contractor to see when you should use testing kits like the short-term solutions listed up above.

If you believe your property is being affected by radon, then you want to follow up these suspicions with radon testing. There are a lot of testing methods available today. You just need to find the right solutions and use them at the right times, so that this substance isn't able to harm anyone in your family.


21 March 2022

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