Water Well Installation Information For Homeowners

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The use of a water well system can be an easy and reliable way of providing your home with a supply of water without needing to connect the property to a water utility. Whenever a water well is going to be added to your property, there are some important pieces of information that you will want to be mindful of.

Well Water Quality Can Vary Significantly Throughout The Year

Misinformation about the quality of the water that a well is able to provide can be a mistake that many people that are not familiar with these systems can make. In particular, these individuals may fail to realize that the quality of the water from the well can vary over the course of the year. This can be particularly true when there is below average rainfall, as this can lead to the water level dropping and the well extracting more sediment as a result. Ensuring that the well is drilled sufficiently deep and that a filtration system is added can help to mitigate these problems.

The Process Of Installing A Well System Can Take Several Days

Installing a water well system is not a particularly lengthy project to undertake, but it is a project that may take two or three days to complete. In addition to the challenge of drilling a well that can tap into an underground water source, this process will also require a suitable pumping system to be installed as well as a high-capacity storage tank. If you have opted for an in-ground storage tank, it will take slightly longer to install as the soil will need to be excavated to make room for it. While this may increase the installation time for the water well, it will help to protect the storage tank from a number of potential sources of damage that may be difficult to repair.

Large Plants Near A Water Well Can Lead To Root Intrusions

Unfortunately, the placement of large trees or other plants with powerful root systems near the water well system can lead to a variety of problems due to the roots growing into the well shaft and piping. Once this occurs, the output from the well may be dramatically decreased, and it can even lead to the pump suffering damage due to burning out. Placing a root guard around the well shaft can mitigate the risk of your well system encountering problems due to root intrusions.

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25 October 2021

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