Why Hire Private Investigative Services When You Suspect Employee Fraud?

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If you suspect that one of your employees is stealing from your company, then you might not know what to do. If you don't have hard evidence, you might not want to report the problem to your local police.

If you have doubts about an employee's actions, then it pays to call in private investigative services first. Why?

1. Find Out If Your Suspicions Are Correct

While you might suspect an employee of fraudulent activity, you can't know if they are doing anything criminal at this stage. If you accuse someone of fraud, and they are innocent, then you risk damaging your relationship with them. They will be justifiably upset that you thought that they had tried to defraud you. Your relationship with them might never recover, and they might look for another job if they don't feel trusted.

If you hire a private investigator, then they can confirm if your suspicions are correct. They can uncover the scope of the problem. You can then decide what to do next.

2. Gather Useful Evidence

You can't accuse someone of fraud without evidence. Even if you're pretty sure that an employee is stealing from you, you won't have a case without proof. A private investigator can help you get this proof.

So, for example, an investigative company could help you set up surveillance cameras in your offices to record illegal actions. They could run forensic accounting checks on your financial records to see if anything is missing or has been covered up. They can run checks on the employee to see if they have any lifestyle changes or purchases that might indicate that they have more money to spend than they did in the past.

Once you have evidence of fraud, you're in a better position to call the police. They can then use this evidence to start an investigation.

3. Keep the Investigation Confidential

If an employee is defrauding your company, then you don't want them to know that you know what they are doing. You might want to buy some time to investigate what has happened before confronting them.

If someone finds out that you are suspicious of them, then they could try to cover their tracks. They might delete computer records and paper trails. They might even choose to run away before you can prosecute them.

Private investigative services can check the situation confidentially. Nobody needs to know that you are running an investigation until you've gathered the evidence you need. You have a better chance of catching a criminal employee by surprise.

To learn more, contact private investigative services and ask how they manage fraud cases.


9 August 2021

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