Key Areas Of Your Commercial Roof That Need Extra Attention

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If you own the building your company does business out of, you likely already have a regular maintenance schedule in place. But don't forget about your roof, as this can sometimes be something that is out of mind even though it's right over your head. In fact, there are certain parts up on your roof that should get extra attention during any new installation, maintenance, or repair job. Pay attention to these areas on your commercial roofing in order to keep the roof in good condition and keep your repair costs down going forward.

Don't Skimp on Fasteners or Nails During Installation or Repair

When installing a new shingle or even an entirely new roof, you'll want to make sure that your installer doesn't get thrifty with the nails, fasteners, or whatever other device you are using to hold it all together up there. Commercial roofs can be quite large and sometimes it might seem easier to skimp on fasteners in order to make it across the entire roof faster. But failing to properly nail down or fasten each piece of the roof could open you up to issues with leaks or other problems over time. A properly fastened roof will not let water or any other unwanted things like pests into the roof because there will be no openings to get underneath your roofing materials and then into the building itself.

Your Gutter and Downspout System Should Be in Top Condition at All Times

A gutter or downspout system is always important for any kind of roof be it commercial or residential. But a commercial property owner may have more to lose by not keeping the gutters or downspouts in top condition. A leak that does damage to your commercial property's foundation could let water into the company's basement. A leak down there could stop production, disrupt employees, or damage inventory or equipment that you keep in storage. Make sure you are getting your commercial roof's gutter system professionally swept and cleaned on a regular basis.

Commercial Roofs Typically Have Multiple Structures Installed and That Could Mean Lots of Flashing

Commercial roofs tend to have multiple HVAC installations or other things that are put up on top of the roof. Any new installation up there may require the use of additional flashing depending on what type of roof you have. Each and every installed structure is a potential problem if you don't take care of the flashing around it. Poor flashing is one of the easiest ways to develop a leak.

Reach out to a professional commercial roofing company for more information. 


9 August 2021

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