Selling Your Home? How To Prepare For Home Inspection

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If you plan to sell your home and you want to improve your chances for a quick sell, start with a home inspection. A home inspection is one of the best ways to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. But, you need to make sure that you make the most of your home inspection. Before you have your home inspection, here are four steps you need to take to prepare for the appointment. 

Gather the Documentation

Now that you're preparing your home for an inspection, take the time to gather all the documentation that you'll need. As part of the process, the inspector will take a close look at all of the operating systems inside your home. This will include the plumbing, electrical system, and HVAC system. A complete system file will allow you to provide documentation for all maintenance and repairs for your operating systems. This can be beneficial during any home inspection, especially when you want to ensure the best selling price for your home. 

Locate the Septic Tanks

If you've scheduled an inspection prior to selling your home and you have a septic system, be sure to locate the tanks. It's also a good idea to expose the tank lids prior to inspection. That way, the inspector will have easy access to the tanks. It will also allow the inspector to conduct a visual inspection of the soil around the tank. This is especially important if you're going to sell your home. A soil inspection can help to identify septic leaks. 

Power Up the HVAC 

Now that it's time to plan for your home inspection, make sure that your HVAC system is up and running. During the home inspection, the inspector will need to ensure that both your heater and your air conditioner are both functioning properly. To ensure a thorough inspection, you need to have your HVAC technician get both systems started up. This is especially important during winter or summer when either your heater or air conditioner might be shut down. 

Prepare the House

Finally, if you need to schedule a home inspection, make sure your home is ready for the appointment. To get an accurate appraisal of issues, the inspector will need access to all areas of your home, including the attic, crawlspace, and basement. But, you also need to make sure that the inspector has access to electrical panels and the water heater. To ensure that, spend time clearing the clutter and debris in your yard and around the house. 


12 March 2021

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