3 Common Signs That Your Centrifuge Machine Might Need To Be Repaired

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Centrifuge machines are utilized in numerous applications, including industrial settings, medical laboratories, and scientific research. Since the inner workings of a centrifuge must constantly spin to separate fluid materials, your devices will inevitably break down after repeated use. However, if you don't take steps to restore your centrifuge machines when you first notice a problem, the components could become too damaged to fix. How can you tell if the device requires some mending? Here are 3 typical indicators that your centrifuge machine needs to be inspected by a professional centrifuge repair service.

1) You see evidence of corrosion or rust.

Over time, the rotors of your centrifuge machine can be negatively affected by exposure to liquids, leaks, and spills. Even though the rotors are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum or steel, they can still develop corrosion if the protective anodized coating wears away. This will often occur if the machine does not receive regular cleanings or maintenance. Unfortunately, once these parts are too rusty to operate properly, your centrifuge machine will need to be treated by an experienced repair service. The good news is that a technician can either restore the component to its original condition or replace the damaged rotor entirely. When you see rust or corrosion on any piece of the machine, be sure to take the device to a repair company right away.

2) The cylinder is not spinning smoothly.

In order for the liquid materials to effectively separate within the machine as they should, the cylinder inside must spin steadily at a rapid speed. If the spinner is no longer moving smoothly, then you know something isn't quite right. This could happen when the cylinder axle is thrown out of alignment or if the parts that rotate the axle are broken. Watch for a cylinder that wobbles and hits the interior walls of the machine during operation. It's important to stop running the machine if the cylinder is off-balance because the axle could fracture. Instead, have the machine promptly assessed so that the right repairs can be made.

3) The machine's performance quality is not acceptable or consistent.

The main purpose of a centrifuge machine is for the different contents of a liquid to be isolated and distributed at an even rate. The lighter materials will drift to the center, while the denser materials slide to the outer edges of the machine. When the device is impaired, you might find that the materials are not separated evenly. In other words, the substances may all pool together on one side of the machine without splitting up appropriately. This problem results in an inconsistent level of quality and highly unreliable performance. A professional repair service will check for the root cause of the poor performance and find the best solution for your machine.

As soon as you begin to see that your centrifuge machines are not operating properly, be sure to contact an experienced centrifuge repair company for assistance. With a bit of proactive work, your machines will be back up and running in no time at all.


21 January 2021

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