What Is The Truth About B2B Appointment Setting?

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B2B appointment setting is an useful marketing tool that can help with identifying the decision makers within a company and determining their level of interest. Some business owners have shied away from using B2B appointment setting because of misinformation they have received about it. To help you determine whether or not the service is for you, here are some of the common misconceptions about it and the truth.

B2B Appointment Setting Is an Unnecessary Expense

One of the biggest misconceptions about B2B appointment setting is that it is unnecessary because an in-house sales team can accomplish the same tasks. In actuality, contracting for this service could be a smarter decision. 

When your sales team is tasked with cold calling businesses and attempting to drum up qualified leads, they are wasting time that could be spent in other ways. However, if you contract for the service, all of the cold calling has been done and your sales team will have a list of qualified leads to sell to. The time saved by your sales team could result in increased sales and better productivity. 

Obtaining Leads Is Easy

Some business owners mistakenly believe that identifying and contacting the decision maker for another is simple, but it is not. Depending on the size of the organization, it could take days or even weeks to actually speak to the decision maker to gauge whether or not he or she is interested in the services or products offered. 

In addition to the time it takes, there is a certain level of skill that is needed to assess a decision maker's interests and his or her willingness to discuss the services or products available. If you do not have the right staff onboard to help with this task, you could miss out on a solid sales opportunity. 

B2B Appointment Setting Is a Numbers Game

Lead generation is seen as a numbers game by some business owners. In essence, they believe that the more businesses you call, the higher the chance for success. In reality, appointment setting is far more complex.

B2B appointment setting contractors work to identify businesses that would directly benefit from the services or products available. By targeting only those businesses, the chances of success are better and the risk of alienating business partners that might be needed in the future is avoided.  

Consult with a B2B appointment-setting service to fully explore the range of services that are available to your business.


8 July 2016

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