3 Tips To Prevent After-Hours Break-Ins At Your Place Of Business

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As a business owner, you probably worry about all types of theft, from shoplifting to employee theft. One other thing that you might worry about is break-ins after business hours. The last thing that you probably want to find is the evidence of a break-in when you open up in the mornings, but obviously, your business could be at risk. Luckily, taking a few precautions can help you mitigate these risks when you aren't around to keep an eye on things.

1. Keep the Lights On

Many criminals love the dark, since it makes it that much easier for them to commit their crimes without being spotted. Turning off all of the lights at your place of business might seem like the most energy-efficient option, but leaving things in complete darkness is not always a good idea. Consider leaving some lighting on inside your business -- it can make it easier for law enforcement to see in when they drive past and can make criminals feel uncomfortable. It is also a good idea to leave some outdoor lighting on as well. Plus, as an added bonus, along with helping to prevent break-ins, leaving your business somewhat lit-up when you're closed can help draw attention from passersby, who might come back to visit when your business is open.

2. Work with Other Area Business Owners

If you have different operating hours from the other local business owners around your commercial property, consider banding together. You can keep an eye on others' properties when they aren't open, and they can keep an eye on yours. It never hurts to have a few extra eyes to help watch over things when you aren't around, and you'll be helping out other local business owners yourself.

3. Install a Security System

Along with installing surveillance cameras, installing a security system is essential. If a would-be criminal knows that you have a security system involved, your property can look like a less appealing place to commit a crime. Don't just install your own security system; instead, work with a security company that installs systems in businesses like yours, and consider opting for a monitoring service. Then, if a break-in does occur, more will happen than just an alarm sounding -- the local authorities will be contacted to handle things quickly.

Break-ins are always a concern for business owners. Luckily, following these tips can help you reduce the chances of your commercial property becoming a target.

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1 April 2016

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