4 Ways To Boost Your Home's Security

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If you want to decrease the odds of a home invasion, hiring a security company to install an alarm system may be your best option. While a home monitoring system may be your best ally in thwarting a break-in, there are other things you can do to step up the security in and around your home. Here are 4 things you can do to help keep your loved ones and property safer:

Don't Broadcast Your Social Calendar

While you may want to keep your friends and family up-to-date on your vacation plans and social events, posting your whereabouts and itinerary on social media platforms may be an invitation to burglars.

According to a story posted on International Business Times, "Social networks have become part of our daily lives, but people need to consider the risks of posting their location on these sites. Facebook burglaries are real and growing in popularity." The story further revealed that if you want to share details about your vacation, do so when you've returned home instead of in real time.

Get A Timer

Placing your lights and television sets on timers will turn them off and on at random times, leading would-be intruders to believe you're home. Timers are simple to use and can be purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Even though it's a good idea to use timers for your indoor lights, it's better to avoid them for your outdoor lighting fixtures. Home intruders love the dark, and the more lit up the outside of your home is, the more likely they'll stay away.

Notify The Post Office

If you're going out of town, notify the post office to hold your mail. Mail that accumulates in your mailbox is a sure sign that nobody's home. In addition to temporarily stopping your mail delivery, you should also stop having your daily newspapers delivered while your away. A mound of newspapers lying on your front porch or driveway is another clue to your absence.

Visit A Pet Store

Even if you don't own a dog, place large dog bowls near outdoor entrances. A welcome mat with an image of a dog on it also identifies your home as dog-friendly, leading people to believe a dog lives there.  A potential intruder does not want to be greeted by a big dog during a break in, so when dog items are visible, chances are the burglar will retreat from your home.

While the above strategies may help deter a break-in, an alarm system may offer more protection. Some security companies offer low cost or even complementary monitoring systems and installation in exchange for a long-term contract. Contact a security company like Security Services Northwest, Inc to learn more. 



26 November 2015

Planning for the Worst

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