3 Signs It May Be Time To Outsource HOA Management To A Professional Agency

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Operating a home owners association can be highly stressful, especially if there is disagreement about how to handle issues as they arise. If your HOA is struggling to collect dues, complete projects, or maintain properties in a reasonable manner, it may be time to look for outside assistance. A professional HOA support service can help you manage the following issues: 

Long Outstanding Homeowner Dues

If your HOA has numerous homeowners with long outstanding dues, and it is making it difficult to budget each quarter, it may be time to consider outsourcing the HOA management to a private firm. Agencies that specialize in HOA support services are happy to create a list of homeowners who owe outstanding dues, work out payment plans where applicable, and pursue collections activity where necessary. This process is far more precise than writing letter after letter or making multiple phone calls, only to be ignored by the homeowner. When your HOA needs to collect large amounts of money from numerous homeowners, it may be time to call in a professional.

Multiple Unkempt Lots

If your development has numerous unkempt lots with weeds growing tall, trash cans without lids, and pets wandering about in areas where they don't belong, it may be a sign that the rules don't have any enforceable penalties to back them up. A professional HOA support service can help you create firm guidelines and contracts that your homeowners will be legally obligated to abide by, and can enforce fees and fines when they choose to break these rules. In addition, these professionals can handle this service with a minimal amount of stress, relieving the discomfort your current board members are feeling about the issues at hand. 

Numerous Unfinished Projects

If your HOA has started multiple projects, such as development wide cleanups, fundraisers, or community yard sales, only to cancel them due to lack of attendance or follow through, it may be a sign that attention is diverted elsewhere. Hiring an HOA support service will allow your home owners association to focus on the fun, community building activities that help to bring your neighborhood together, while the support service handles the nitty gritty financial details, collections, and regulations. 

When you're tired of managing numerous homeowners, attempting to collect dues, and trying to keep everyone happy, only to feel as though you're constantly falling behind, it may be time to look for outside assistance. For more information, contact Harland Property Management or a similar company.


20 October 2015

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