The Beginners Guide To Using Oil Heat

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The drop in heating oil prices and the rising costs of natural gas have made warming a home with an oil furnace a sensible solution for families on a budget. There are a lot of benefits to oil. It provides a reliable, even heat and the installation and service of most oil furnaces is relatively inexpensive. Even in homes with heat pumps or wood stoves, oil provides a simple and convenient back up heat source. Anyone considering using oil may be surprised to realize how efficient, safe and reliable it really is. For those new to heating a home with an oil furnace, here are some answers to the common questions asked by homeowners.

Types of Heating Oil

When ordering oil, customers will be asked whether they want kerosene or #2 fuel oil (diesel). Kerosene is the more expensive of the two, but it is a necessity for those who have their storage tanks outside or in an uninsulated crawl space because it will not freeze. Underground tanks and those homes with tanks in the basement can usually use #2 fuel oil without any problems.

Understanding the Additives

Heating oil often contains a variety of additives that can vary from one supplier to the next. These help to prevent soot buildup in the heating system, eliminate water in the oil due to condensation and prevent freezing, among other things. Most delivery companies are happy to explain any additives that are included in their products and what their purpose happens to be.

A Safe Option

Heating oil is a safe option for home heating because it needs a high temperature to create a flame and even then will typically vaporize. Unlike gas, it is non-explosive and any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is reduced when the system is cleaned and serviced annually.  

How to Save Money

As with any heating source, every homeowner will want to get the most for their money. With oil, there are several ways that customers are able to save. Purchasing oil when prices are their lowest, typically the summer months, is the best way to get a great price. Many oil companies, like Dysart's Energy Services, may offer numerous plans to help save money. These include service plans, price locks and monthly budget plans to spread out the expense through the year rather than pay for it in the span of three or four months.

Oil is a common source of heat in many areas of the United States, especially in the northeast and rural parts of the country that lack access to natural gas. Even in homes with propane, wood or gas furnaces, oil can still provide a comfortable and convenient alternative.  


10 August 2015

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