What You Should Know About Upgrading To Electronic Entry Locks

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If you're thinking about upgrading the locks on your home, you may want to consider installing the newer electronic locks that provide keyless entry. Although they cost more, they provide added security and convenience. Different brands offer different features, so you should talk to a locksmith to get a good understanding of how these locks work. Here are a few things you should know.

Advantages Of Keyless Entry

The biggest benefit of having an electronic lock is you don't have to fumble for keys to open your door. You can unlock your door quite easily, even if your arms are full of groceries or kids. A keyless lock has a numerical pad you use to type in your code. The right code triggers a response that unlocks the door.

You never have to worry about losing your house keys again. This could especially be a problem if you have kids who carry keys with them. When the keys are lost, you're left to worry if your home is safe and if you need to replace your locks. When you have an electronic lock, you can give your kids a code rather than a key. If your kids give the code to someone else, you can simply reprogram the code so the old one no longer works.

A keyless entry system is especially useful for vacation homes or for your own home if you are away a lot. You can have a friend or neighbor drop in when you need them to, even though they don't have a key. You can give them a temporary code to access your home in an emergency, and then you can disable the code once they leave.

Disadvantages Of An Electronic Locking System

One drawback of a keyless entry system is when you forget the code. If you have a hard time remembering numbers, a keyless system may not work for you if you don't use it very often. If the lock is on your permanent home rather than a vacation home, and you use it every day, remembering the code shouldn't be a problem. Some locks can also be opened with a key when situations like this occur.

Another time you may need to fall back on using a key is during a power failure. The door will remain in it's unlocked or locked position until the power comes back on if the backup battery is low. For that reason, you should monitor the life of the battery and replace it when necessary.

You should also change the code on a regular basis so all the keys wear out at an even rate. If you use the same code all the time, after a few years, the keys will look worn, and an intruder may be able to tell which keys to push by looking at the keypad. Another tip is to use caution when entering your code in front of someone you don't know very well. For instance, a new date or a co-worker could watch you press in your code on the keypad and then use it later to gain entry to your home. To prevent problems like this, you should change your code any time you think it falls into the wrong hands.

You can add extra security measures depending on the system you buy. Your door can alarm if someone enters the wrong code too many times. Also, your door can store the number of entry attempts, so you know every time someone enters your house. Plus, the lock can be integrated with a home security monitoring system. The advantages to a keyless entry system generally outweigh the disadvantages when you want extra security and a convenient way to get in your home. For more information about keyless entries, contact a professional like Advance Lock & Key.


13 July 2015

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