Using A Storage Unit While Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Do the hardwood floors in your home look dull? Does water soak into the floor when water is spilt on it? If so, it is time to go through the process of refinishing your hardwood floors. So, how can you prepare your house for this job without making too much of a mess of things? Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Rent a Storage Unit

Your first step in preparing your house for a big project such as this is renting a storage unit. Your home will be filled with dust as the floors are sanded to remove the remaining finish from the hardwoods. If you leave your furniture, décor and plants in the house while the project is completed, you will have a lot of cleanup work to do.

Instead of spending hours, or days cleaning the dust out of your furnishings and things, rent a storage unit to store everything in. You can find more information about sizes and prices at sites like The rooms that need refinished must be emptied completely and to avoid having furniture and things stuffed into the other areas of the house, the storage unit will provide you a place to put things.

Don't forget the things that are stored in the closets, especially if the hardwood flooring extends into the closets. If the flooring doesn't continue into the closet, you can tape the cracks around the door and roll a towel up on the inner side of the door to prevent dust from entering it.

Tip: Don't forget to remove the window treatments and wall hangings throughout the space. The dust will settle on everything in the room and in the rooms nearest to the room being refinished.

Cover the Remaining Elements

Anything that you couldn't remove to take to the storage unit must be covered. Use garbage bags to cover light fixtures, tape over outlets and switches and cover the HVAC vents in the room.

Tip: If the flooring is in a kitchen, consider taping plastic sheets over the cabinetry to prevent the particles of dust from settling in all of the grooves and entering the cabinets.

Enclose the Space

Use sheets of plastic and quality masking tape to enclose the space. You want to create as air-tight of a seal in that space as possible to keep the dust from setting throughout the house.

Your home may look like a complete disaster while you complete this project, but when it is done, you have beautiful, like-new hardwood floors and clean furnishings to return to it.


4 June 2015

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