How To Make Sure Your Backyard Wedding Reception Goes Off Without A Hitch

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Whether your wedding is running over budget or you just want to spend more money on the ceremony itself, one of the best ways to reduce your budget is to have the reception in an informal area. Backyard wedding receptions are becoming incredibly popular -- but they can make people a little nervous. When you create a backyard reception you're usually planning most things on your own and that can create a lot of room for error. But, by the same token, a backyard wedding is usually less formal, and thus more forgiving. Here's how you can help your backyard celebration go smoothly.

Make Sure Rentals Arrive Early

From wedding chair rentals to centerpieces, all of your rentals, from companies like Party People, should be arriving before the day of the wedding -- not the day of the wedding itself. In fact, if you can afford it, you should have most rentals arriving a few days beforehand. This is especially true of the more critical items; sometimes you can be a little more relaxed about the decor and non-essentials. Otherwise, you could end up trying to secure things last minute. There are always issues that can come up in shipping and delivery and not all of them can be planned for.

Always Look at Historic Weather Reports

Don't just guess about the weather. Look back through the historical weather reports of that month for the probability that it might rain and pay attention to the weather forecasts leading up to the event. There's little worse than getting rained out of your own wedding reception. Even if it doesn't appear as though there will be any extreme weather, you should still plan for it; make sure tarps are on hand and that there are paths on the ground that your guests can safely walk on.  

Call to Confirm a Few Days in Advance

Before the actual reception, take an hour or two to sit down and call every vendor involved. You'll want to confirm a few things with them: the exact items being provided, the exact time the items are being provided and how the items will be delivered. This will avoid any confusion, such as vendors having the wrong date or time. (And you also want to know, for instance, if they're all going to be bringing large trucks into the area at the same time.)

Make Parking Arrangements

If you live in an area with limited parking, you will need to figure out how your guests are going to park. In many homeowner's associations, you can request that parking be allowed in your area temporarily for an event. But you do need to request this in advance. You may also need to find a public parking lot that is nearby and hire a driver to shuttle guests to and from your home. 

A backyard wedding reception is a great choice -- and not just for those on a budget. Many people find that a backyard reception is more family-friendly, fun and informal. Even if something does go wrong, remember that it's not the end of the world.


18 April 2015

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