Delight Your Allergic Employees By Fighting Pollen In The Office This Spring

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Many sufferers of springtime allergies go to great lengths to make sure their homes are kept free of pollen. They may vacuum daily, have their carpets cleaned professionally, and take their boots off outside to ensure pollen levels in their home stay low. Unfortunately, a lot of these people work in offices that don't take the same allergy prevention precautions. Pollen can accumulate quickly in an office setting, causing your allergic employees to suffer silently for weeks. For happier, sniffle-free employees, try taking these two simple steps to get rid of pollen in the office this spring.

1. Have the carpet professionally cleaned.

Pollen is easily tracked in on the shoes and then gets rubbed off onto the carpet as people walk. Vacuuming simply won't remove all of the pollen that has been ground deep into the carpet -- and there is likely to be a lot of it if your office gets a lot of foot traffic. To ensure that your carpet is cleaned as thoroughly as possible, call in a professional cleaning company and have them give it a once-over. Let them know that you are trying to remove pollen, as some cleaning companies have special allergy-fighting shampoos and settings on their equipment to ensure a deeper clean.

Schedule the carpet cleaning for a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. This gives your carpet plenty of time to dry before your employees report back on Monday.

For more information, contact H & L Janitorial Service or a similar company.

2. Invest in new doormats, and encourage employees to use them.

Doormats are great for removing pollen from people's shoes, so it does not get tracked onto the rug. Chances are, if you even have doormats at your office, they have been around a while. Get rid of them, and replace them with new, highly textured ones to ensure that the most pollen is swept up by the mats as possible. Make sure there is one by every door that employees use.

To ensure that employees actually do wipe their feet on the doormat, send out a mass email, or mention it in your weekly meeting. Make sure you tell them why the doormats are there -- to trap pollen. Chances are, more than a few of your employees will be delighted to know you are taking steps to keep the workspace allergen-free.

Runny eyes and stuffy noses make workers miserable, and miserable workers are not productive workers. By simply having your carpet cleaned and encouraging the use of doormats, you can make your workers happier and more productive during allergy season.


8 April 2015

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