3 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Hotel Ice Machine

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There's nothing that annoys a hotel guest quite like an out-of-order ice machine. And malfunctioning ice makers are no fun for you either – you're the one that will have to pay to have it fixed. Proper ice machine maintenance can ensure that your ice machine has a long life and prevent breakdowns. Take a look at a few tips for getting the most life out of your ice machine.

Air and Water Temperature

Ice machine models vary, but the majority of ice machines recommend that the machine be stored in a place where the surrounding temperature is around 70 degrees, and that the water going into the ice machine is about 50 degrees. There are some types of ice machines built to handle higher temperatures. If you're located in a particularly hot area, look for a model that rates its equipment for 90 degrees for the surrounding temperature and 70 degrees for the water temperature.

When you're deciding on a place to put your ice machine, ensure that it not only meets the air temperature requirements, but that it's big enough to allow plenty of airflow around the machine.


Cleaning your machine frequently not only helps it continue to run without problems, it also ensures that your ice is safe to use. Ice is technically a food, and if it becomes contaminated, it can make people sick. If there's anything that will irritate your guests more than not having access to ice, it's getting food poisoning from that ice.

To clean the ice machine, turn it off and throw out any remaining ice. Wipe both the interior and exterior of the machine with sanitizer, and inspect all of the corners and crevices while you're looking inside of it. Before you turn the machine back on, check to be sure that it's completely dry and that no sanitizer is pooled inside of the machine.


You don't have to clean the filters every time you clean the machine, but you should clean them regularly. Base your filter-cleaning schedule on how much use that particular machine gets – the more it's used, the more often the filters need to be cleaned.

Ice machine filters are easy to clean – just remove them and rinse out the lint and debris. Resist the temptation to bang the filter on the ground or on any surface to clean them. Doing this can result in permanent damage to the filters, rendering them ineffective.

In addition to doing your own maintenance, schedule one or two preventative maintenance visits a year with an ice machine professional like Crystal Ice Machine. It will save you money, and your guests will thank you 


27 March 2015

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