Splitting Business From Pleasure Printing

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Not all print jobs are created equally; there are different print quality needs depending on your intended audience. For internal business paperwork or home-use printouts, you can get away with a basic black and white printout without much detail. For formal occasions you may need bold printing and strong detail while photographs or fun events may need a more glossy, colorful appeal. If you need to entertain all of those needs, consider a few ways that print management services can help you change gears. 

Can One Printer Do It All?

Printers are often specialized devices. Laser jet printers are for fast printing with a specific quality, while ink jet printers are usually for general use to allow professional document printing as well as some pretty colors for the less serious endeavors.

When you begin reaching the creative endeavors, such as printing artistic samples or photographs that need to be shared physically and enjoyed for their quality, you'll need a specialty printer. Unfortunately, such all-in-one approaches are often too expensive and difficult to maintain. It may be more cost effective to have separate machines.

If you don't know how to connect each printer or create a system for identifying which printer should print what, you'll need a print management service to help you make the job easier. The configuration can be as simple or as complex as you desire, but you can explain it to an expert in your own words to begin finding the closest fit.

Find The Best Way To Split Printing Responsibility

Consider a department with three printing needs. One need is for internal document printing that needs to be done a lot, but cheaply. The second need is for photographs, while the third is for party flyers that need to be visible, but not necessarily glossy and high-resolution.

On the computer used for printing, most untrained workers will simply hit the print button. If given more options, the worker may simply hit "okay" and use the first printer available. In order to promote choice, you need to take away the ability to use a default.

For the workers who need to use multiple printer types, make sure that they have to choose between internal business printing, photograph printing or flyer printing. These choices can be arranged with a drop-down list that requires specific clicking. For workers who mostly use a specific type of printer, setting that printer as default will be sufficient.

If the worker absolutely should not use a certain printer, you can take away the option to use that printer. You can even restrict their printer use to only one printer. All of this can be done for each employee or each department with any number of exceptions necessary.

Contact a print management services professional, like SupplyLine Inc., to begin mapping out your printer priorities.


27 February 2015

Planning for the Worst

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