How To Become A Youtube Influencer


YouTube influencers have the power to sway thousands, if not millions, of people with their videos. They create loyal followers that hang on their every word. They can sell products, ideas and services without coming off as too much like salespeople. As such, YouTube influencers have become a great way for companies to market their products. These companies will pay big money for the right influencers to recommend their products.

Are you interested in becoming a YouTube influencer? Are you passionate about a certain hobby or interest? Here's how you can create a meaningful channel that attracts marketing companies.

Step 1: Find Your Niche

What is it that really makes your heart race? What do you love to do and love to talk about? Can you show people how to do something or have interesting opinions?

Think about each of those questions and consider what can become a popular niche. YouTube influencers are present in every possible interest, from bonsai cultivation to make-up application. You don't really have to worry about picking something popular, just pick something that you absolutely love.

Step 2: Have the Right Equipment

It's easy to put a video on YouTube, and it's easy to record one. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can record a basic video. Uploading it to YouTube is only a few clicks away. All you really need to get started is a device with a great camera and an internet connection.

However, as you grow, you'll need to invest in better equipment. Incredibly popular YouTube influencers make use of a HD cameras, top of the line video editing software and high quality lighting. All of this equipment allows them to create videos that appear almost professional and really draw people in.

Step 3: Create Regular Content

The mark of a budding YouTube influencer is their ability to consistently create new videos. A good rule of thumb is to upload a new video every week. Depending on your niche and available time, once a month or even twice a week might be perfect. It's good to set a minimum amount of videos to upload per month and then give yourself room to create more if you feel the urge.

Before creating a new video on a topic, see what other videos are already out there. You may discover new things you can include, or learn things to avoid doing in your video.

You're on Your Way

Now you're set to become a big influencer on YouTube. As your audience grows, you'll likely be approached by companies within your niche and be asked to promote their products. You can even begin approaching target companies and pitching your promotion. 


9 February 2015

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