How Efficient The Top Toilet Cleaning Products Are


When it comes to commercial cleaning, the toilet is probably the least enjoyable thing to clean. However, it must be cleaned regularly in any commercial space. There are many products and tools that help you get that toilet fresh and shiny, including the following items. Here are some things to know about popular toilet cleaners and how well they work.

Drop-In Toilet Cleaners

While these toilet cleaners are definitely the most convenient, they may not always be the best cleaning option. Drop-in or other automatic toilet cleaners are good between washes, but they should definitely not replace scrubbing the toilets. First of all, they will only clean inside the toilets. You still need to clean the toilet lid, toilet seat, and toilet base yourself. Instead of relying solely on the automatic type of cleaners, clean the toilets as you normally would, then drop one of these in to keep the toilet maintained until you return for the next cleaning.

Powder Cleaners

A powder toilet cleaner is a type of cleaning agent that is meant to get the toilet clean and deodorized without scratching the surface. If you are concerned with the amount of stains you see inside a toilet bowl, that is a good reason to use a powder cleaner. However, be very careful that you don't scratch the surface. While they are meant to avoid scratching, some powders can be a little too abrasive. Use one that is mildly abrasive and does not require a scrubbing brush, which would increase the risk of scratching the toilet bowl.

Toilet Brushes

For the most part, a toilet brush is a good cleaning product to have for your toilets. It works very well at scrubbing the hard water stains and residue from inside a toilet bowl. You should choose one with a hard plastic brush and bristles as it will not scratch the toilet. Avoid toilet brushes that are attached to wire, as these can be abrasive and scratch the toilet. You should also make sure it is clean and disinfected before using it.

Disposable Cleaners

The main drawback to disposable cleaners is that they are not very kind to the environment. Sure, they are easy to use and require no clean-up, but they can also be hard on your sewer or septic system, and usually end up in the landfill. In terms of effectiveness, disposable toilet products typically work well and include automatic cleansing triggers and pre-filled cleaning heads that are just thrown away instead of needing a reusable brush. Contact a company like Good Housekeeper Maintenance Supplies Inc for more information.


29 January 2015

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