What Different Types Of Containers Are Commonly Used For Transporting Cargo?

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When large types of cargo must be transported, the only way to do this safely it by using cargo containers. These containers may be used on shipping boats, in large shipping trucks and of cargo planes as well. There are different sizes and styles of cargo containers that are available for transporting various types of goods all over the world. These are some commonly used types of cargo containers and the goods they are suited for.

Standard Cargo Containers

Standard containers are probably seen most commonly. Often these are used to transport a variety of different dry goods such as clothing, tools, building supplies or other items that are being transported in large quantities.

These containers may be made of steel, aluminum or plywood. They may also have doors that open on one or both ends and a large door on one full side for easier emptying of the container. These containers may be up to 40 feet long and will need to be lifted with a forklift or crane to be moved to different areas.

High Cube Cargo Containers 

High cube cargo containers are much like standard containers, except they are taller. These containers are suitable for taller types of dry cargo that will not fit in standard cargo containers.

This may include large appliances, office furniture or home cabinetry that may not fit correctly in standard shipping containers. These containers may also be up to 40 feet long but they are available in taller heights to better meet your needs.

Open Top Cargo Containers 

Another option for those who need to transport large and tall cargo is by using an open top cargo container. This allows extra room for those items that may extend above the walls of the container. Having an open top also makes unloading the container much easier.

A crane can be used to reach down and remove the cargo directly from the container. If weather conditions threaten to damage cargo, a tapr can be stretched across the top of the container to prevent rain and snow from falling on the cargo. These containers may be either twenty or forty feet long.

You may not realize just what an inportant part these containers play in the world today. Many of the products people purchase every day are shippied from other states or countries to the retailers they purchase them from.

Without these containers, it would be nearly impossible to get large bulk orders to the retailers in a timely manner. Shopping would take much longer and every product that consumers need might not always be available at the stores. To learn more, contact a company like Arizona Storage Rental Inc. with any questions you have.


20 January 2015

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