5 Ecologically Friendly Promotional Items

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Does your company have a green policy? Perhaps your company has a hard stance on corporate responsibility. Either way, it's easy to see why promotional materials can become harmful to the environment. Even when made out of recycled plastics and paper, many promotional materials end up being lost or thrown away before they come to any significant use. But there are promotional products that can actually help the environment or at least avoid hurting it too much.

1. Water Bottles.

Water bottles emblazoned with your company's logo and contact information are among the best promotional items to give out. They are ecologically friendly because they encourage people to use them again and again rather than tossing out disposable water bottles. Moreover, they are effective because people love to keep them and will continuously see your company's name.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags.

Reusable shopping bags are needed by practically everyone. These durable totes will become a staple in a person's daily life. In a convention or an expo, a reusable shopping bag will often be used to collect other items. Even better, whoever gets one of your totes will be advertising your company to everyone who sees them! Disposable shopping bags are rapidly becoming illegal in many states, so reusable bags will become increasingly necessary.

3. Bamboo Pens.

Want to give away pens but want to avoid more plastic? Bamboo pens are made out of a sustainable and attractive material. It also doesn't hurt that bamboo is very affordable. A bamboo pen will easily cause your company to stick out and may well ensure that your promotional items become a favorite desk tool to everyone who gets one. 

4. Business Cards You Can Plant.

Some business card companies offer business cards that contain seeds. These biodegradable cards can then be planted to grow a plant, tree, herb, flower or any other item that you desire. Of course, this does mean that your business card will get put into the ground... but it also means that you'll have formed a lasting impression.

5. Solar LED Lights.

Solar LED lights are an inexpensive and useful tool to give away at conventions, expos and other events. These lights can be emblazoned with your company information, come in a variety of colors and will often become permanently affixed to a person's key ring. 

You can contact the company, like Brandon's Awards and Engraving, that offers your promotional products to find out more about their ecologically friendly options. If none of the above appeal to you, you can also simply focus on standard promotional items that use only recycled materials.


6 January 2015

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