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Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding and extremely profitable, but some aspects of business ownership are more complicated than they initially seem. Marketing can be of a particular concern for small businesses, especially if it's not done with knowledge and experience. Below, you'll find a guide to some tips to assist you with designing a sign for your business; allowing you to use modern and successful techniques to guarantee you catch the eye of customers for years to come.

Attract With Color

The human eye is designed to automatically focus on things that create flash and attention. This means that bright, primary colors are often an excellent choice, as the eyes of customers will be attracted to your signage and it will make a strong impression in their memory.

What you should avoid, however, is choosing a color that creates confusion. Some large, national brands are easily identified by their color, but your concern should be with local competitors. Try to avoid a base sign color that will create confusion with other businesses in your area and risk muddling your company's identity.

Make Use Of Contrast

While it's important that your sign has a consistent color scheme, too much of the same can cause it to wash out and be difficult to read. Since most people who see your business's sign will be passing by quickly, it's important that it's easily decipherable and pops out to the viewer.

Using contrasting colors, such as light lettering on a brightly colored background, or vice versa, is a great way to achieve this pop. It may also help to make use of borders and lines that show a clear delineation in your design and allow the information that you need expressed to be understood as easily as possible.

Be Consistent

The most important thing your business's sign can do is allow customers to feel familiarity and recognition. A sign that is cleverly designed and unique can fail as a marketing tool if it's not successfully tied in to other aspects of your company's image. You should do your best to keep your main company logo on the sign and even use the shape and design of the sign in other marketing materials, as it will really drive home the point to your clients and customers that you are a fixture in your industry.

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2 January 2015

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