Build Your Business: Using Social Media To Create Brand Awareness

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If you run your own business and you have begun using social media to promote your product or services, you are not alone. With 74% of consumers relying on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram to make purchasing decisions, businesses are scurrying to create engaging content that keeps customers coming back for more.

Followers Are Crucial to Your Social Media Marketing Success

Your followers are the people who will see links to your blog posts, and the images you share. There are a number of ways to get more followers, and these include following everyone that follows you, using hashtags when you promote your content, and creating interesting posts that people share with their friends and family.You can also purchase followers for your social media accounts, which will help you create a larger following more quickly. Many companies allow you to buy Instagram followers no password necessary.

Create a Balance Between Fun and Business Social Media Posts

Social media is tricky. You are never quite sure what will get followers to engage in your content. What works the best is to a have a variety of content that shows who you are as a person and as a business owner. Whether you show a picture of your dog one day, and a picture of your product another day, mixing up what you share between personal and business is the best tactic. No one wants to follow a business that only promotes their products, they want to be entertained too.

Only Use Original Content

This should be common sense, but many business share the same joke or meme that other businesses are sharing. Using a tired joke is boring, and only shows that you lack in creativity. Create original content, or pay for someone to create the content for you. Try for blog posts that go beyond the basics of the services you have to offer, and give customers new information they don't already know. The more interesting your content is, the more likely your followers are to share it. The goal of content creation should be client engagement.

Be Positive with What You Share Online

No one wants to read about your negative experiences, whether they are personal or business. As you are using social media to build your brand awareness, you want to be associated with a positive outlook on life and about people. Those that are upbeat are naturally attractive to potential customers. It's important for you to find what is positive about your business and your personal experiences, and only share the good with your social media followers.


30 December 2014

Planning for the Worst

When I first went into business, I was confident that there was a market for my services and that I had the smarts and drive to make a go of my business. But while I was hoping for the best, I also made it a point to plan for the worst. That’s why I wanted the most comprehensive commercial insurance for my business. I shopped around, researched different types of commercial insurance, and finally found a policy that I thought could protect me against almost anything. I am much more confident knowing that no matter what happens, I’m protected. I think that’s really helped me do what I needed to do to get my business off the ground.